While in Phoenix, you visited a Fry’s Electronics store where you purchased a new GameBoy game. Yes, that’s right, you own a GameBoy Advance SP. And you play games on the GameBoy. And you purchased a special pouch for the GameBoy. And you purchased a special headphones adapter so that you can plug your own headphones into the proprietary socket on the GameBoy. And the GameBoy is silver and looks cool. And the GameBoy’s battery lasts, like, more than 10 hours. And you wish it was called something besides GameBoy because boy makes it sound like it’s a game for children, not for an adult who is a working person with a mortgage and a car and a wife and a hairline that isn’t what it once was.

On the flight back from Phoenix, after your iBook’s battery gave out, you secretively pulled the GameBoy from its pouch and, attempting to hide it from the rest of the plane’s occupants, began playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It couldn’t have just been called Advance Tactics. It has to have the word fantasy in the title. Clearly, this is a game for children. Despite that, you play the GameBoy game on your GameBoy.

The businessman in the seat adjacent to you looks at you playing the GameBoy and asks, “What are you playing, there on your GameBoy?” to which you respond, without making eye contact, “Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.”

“Great game!” he says. “Have you cleared the ‘Over the Hill’ mission yet?”

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