The backyard has been partially, randomly, mowed because it started to rain and the guys must have just left.

In Java, the most simple things are equally as difficult as the most complicated things. The more Java you write, the more you must think like the compiler. You realize that you are slowly becoming a Java compiler. There are worse things to be.

Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba was everything they said. Maybe more.

You can actually reduce your dependency on coffee by cutting it with decaf. Slowly. Over time. Yes, you will be tired earlier at first.

Postmaster v2 is coming along. Based on the number of emails you’ve received so far, it seems that there will be no problem getting beta-testers. Until now, most of the work has been focused on functionality, back-end code, database integration, that type of stuff. The new table-less interface (skinnable CSS, actually) is coming along well (preview).


At about 9:30am this morning, a lone man pushing an already-running lawnmower could be seen walking lesiurely down the street toward your house. At a slow pace over the next hour, he finished the job.

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