Change is here. Even in Florida, days are – amazingly – a bit cooler. You have even set logs afire in your brick fireplace, making believe that it’s winter for real.

Anyway, it’s a great time of year. The best time of year for cigars. When it’s cool outside and you can really enjoy them. Quality cigars. Imported. Crafted with care. The process is long: Six weeks to germinate seeds before transplant to field. Six weeks for plant to grow to maturity. Six weeks for a complete harvest. Fermentation in hulking bales and stacks (the sweats). Aging in bales for 18 months. Sometimes longer. Blended by masters. Rolled by experts. Boxed for sale. Humidified at seventy degrees and seventy percent relative humidity in cedar-lines humidors.

Pure joy.

But you can’t enjoy them. You won’t be handing any out as you usually do this holiday season. The small wooden box on your desk is empty, and right now you can’t justify the expenditure. You can meet your obligations, but cigars are a luxury. Sure, the economy is getting better, but it’s still not great. And Christmas is getting closer. And after several months, you’re still without the full-time, regular-joe job you seek. Yes, you’re doing freelance work, but a solid income it is not. And Uncle Sam loves the freelancer with a 1099 in hand.

And then, this: Hivelogic is nearly three years old – and you’ve been running a regurlarly-updated weblog for almost five years. Thinking about it, during that time you haven’t once ran an ad, linked to your wish-list, asked for support.

And then, a short time ago, despite your total lack of asking, several Hivelogic visitors – working seperately – took it upon themselves to buy you something. They went about searching out your un-linked Amazon wish-list. And then they purchased something from said wishlist. And had it sent. To your house, even.


You never asked for anything, and yet, here were things. This makes you think: You’ve got lots of visitors. You’ve given out a lot of free stuff over the years. The encoder is pretty popular.

Perhaps, if you were to create a place where your visitors could go to donate something – even $1.00, they might be willing to help out. Maybe, that is, if they were already looking for a way to say thanks but couldn’t find one! Maybe they might be willing to help you restock your cigar supply in time to save Christmas!

Who knows, maybe all the guilt you’d feel about asking would be worth it.


Ernie said he’d smoke a Hivelogic-awarded cigar – and take a picture to prove it.

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