A Penny for Your Thoughts

Getting MySQL configured was the easy part. Writing a comments system from scratch, resisting the temptation to pilfer code from other places (I walk the walk here at Hivelogic), that was harder.

But it wasn’t that bad. Only a few hours work thanks to PHP’s flexibility and help from Carl “no website” Free. Now look. There’s a comments link beneath each post.

To answer the inevitable question: Yes, ma’am, I will be sharing both the Postmaster weblog system and the comments system as well. Soon. Measure the wait-time in days, not hours, and none of you will be dissapointed.

The Skinny:

The comments system is written in PHP4 and lives in MySQL (using ANSI SQL, the Grey Poupon of structured query languages). It uses cookies to remember your information (unless you tell it not to). It automatically encodes and JavaScript-wraps the email addresses you enter using the fancy Hivelogic Email Address Encoder you’ve heard so much about. And of course, I used the Fusebox methodology just like Mom taught me to.

So let’s go.

Update: I have named the comments system Lenny.

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