A Penny for Your Thoughts (Redux)

I get lots of email from my readers, and one of the things they ask for most is a comments system. People seem intent on sharing their thoughts and ideas, asking for or offering technical help, and otherwise communicating with each other right here on this very site.

So today, as my Valentines day gift to all of you, I’m unveiling a new comments system here on Hivelogic. The last time I allowed comments was, coincidentally, exactly five years and one month ago to the day. Funny how life is like that sometimes.

I eventually wound up removing it for a number of reasons, primarily because of abuse. So I’ve taken a few steps that will hopefully contribute to preventing comment spam general hackery. I took a few of the anti-spam ideas from my friend Geoffrey Grosenbach’s comments system, and added a few of my own.

Not all posts will allow comments. In fact, most of the older articles don’t, but the newer ones, especially those that are the most useful (like the Building Rails on Mac OS X tutorial) as well as the podcast episodes will allow them.

Of course I know it’s only a matter of time before the comment-spam plague hits, and when it does, I’ll have to switch to an account-based comment system, much like the ones we built for Cork’d and A List Apart, which require people to register before they can post.

So here’s your chance, let yourself be heard. All I ask is that you be constructive, insightful, and kind.

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