A Christmas Tale

Written by Dan Benjamin. Read by Kelsey Grammer.

For years I’ve been suffering with a mundane coffeemaker. I chose it because it seemed to strike a balance between decent coffee, performance, ease of clean-up.

But truth be told, I missed the golden richness of the glorious French Press. Each morning, leaning down over my “drip” coffeemaker, I’d shout at it, berate it, tell it again and again: Nothing else comes close to extracting the bold essence from coffee the way a French Press does!

Alas, the coffeemaker just squatted there, stubbornly producing warm (never hot!) brown liquid. Every moment, mocking me.

But then: A discovery. A long chat with the part-timers at Starbucks (Dude!). A phenomenal sale. A demo at a friends house. A purchase.

And in this way, I begin a new chapter in the great book that is My Life.

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