5by5 Memberships

I’m really excited to announce that the 5by5 Membership Site has launched. If you enjoy the podcasts I produce, and if you’ve ever found any of my work here useful, now there’s a way for you to say thanks, get a cool T-shirt, and help me pay my bills at the same time.

Some background: When I founded 5by5 Studios last year, I had no idea if things would work out. I’m the sole supporter of my family, so going full-time with it was a big risk. But, thanks to listeners and Hivelogic readers like you, the network is off to a great start. The idea that I get to wake up every morning and make these shows really is like living a dream for me. It’s what I’ve wanted to do my entire life.

If you watch the live shows, you get a look at how things work behind the scenes: a one-man operation. I do most of the editing (with help from Jason Seifer and Ryan Irelan), all of the video work, run all of the live shows, plan and manage the content, schedule guests, maintain the hardware, handle the marketing and sponsorships, update the website, edit the code … phew! And although I love it, it’s a lot of work.

One of my goals has always been to create and grow the network, adding more frequent and more live shows, and hire somebody part-time to help with production. I want to put more great shows on the air, while preserving our high production value, personal feel, and non-intrusive advertising. This is where Memberships can really make a difference.

Of course all of the broadcasts we make at 5by5 will remain completely free, but if you enjoy the shows and if you want to help support me and the studio, now is your chance. Become a member. It really will make a difference in my ability to pay bills and help the studio grow.

And most importantly, thanks for listening.

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