It is 2004. A New Year. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. A new dawn. A new beginning. The future is now. Tomorrow is Today. Times are changing. This year began and is in process, even if you haven’t had time to pause to notice. You worked through Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years Day. You did this buy choice. That is, you chose this path. You wouldn’t have it any other way. You feel good. Lucky. Grateful. But there’s terrorism. There are cancelled flights from England. Bad things. People are trying to focus on good things coming. People are making predictions for 2004. People are redesigning. You recently redesigned, and now you hate it. People are making announcements. New software is coming out. Today Steve Jobs will announce something. You have things to announce, but not yet. You hate the current Hivelogic design. It is an ugly experiment gone wrong. You’ll redesign it soon. As soon as there’s some time. You’re busy. Good work, though. Good clients. You’re lucky. Super lucky. There are things to do. More on the way, hopefully more after that. Time-consuming. Enjoying it. Commitments being met. This site is ugly. A site gone bad, visually speaking. And not enough content. Just pictures or bits about Mac. Need to write more, really write more, for your own sake. In college English they called this stream-of-consciousness writing. An easy A. Your only A. Code is not as easy. Setting up servers was easier, but horrible in its own way. You’re going to be switching servers soon. This site might be down for a while, but probably not. No, it won’t be. That would be a good time to redesign and re-implement. You should do it then. People would wake up to a new Hivelogic, inside and out. They wouldn’t know what happened. Surprise them. Scare them. No, it wouldn’t scare them. It would be good. Good code, behind the scenes. It is code that’s been promised for years. Now it’s here, done. It’s code nobody will ever see. The results, they’ll see that, sure. But nobody will read the code. Clients will be happy that the code is there, but they won’t look at it. Just you. But that’s OK. Nobody wants to do anything with the engine in their car, they just want to hear it growl when they hit the pedal, watch the tachometer jump. That’s what we’re giving them. Giving them very good code. So good, you hope, that nobody will know it’s there. That’s the sign of a good end-result. People shouldn’t notice when things are done right. They should just work.

Seeking: A qualified yet affordable small-business accountant in the Raleigh/Durham area. If anyone reading this knows of such an individual, please send word .


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